Frequently asked questions


The Distinctive features:

  • Highly Developed and research based quality Academic activities.
  • Quality Lesson Plan and Syllabus.
  • Experienced and Quality Teachers Panel.
  • Teachers with foreign degree and teaching experience are available.
  • A large numbers of Teachers from Public Universities.
  • Regular Class Tests, and Subject Tests.
  • Enough Assignment and other Home work.
  • Quality added books published by Intelligentsia Publication.
  • Emphasis of students' ethics and morality
  • Special Classes for PEC and JSC students from 15th January 2020.
  • Special classes conducted by the DU and BUET students for the PEC and JSC.
  • Digital Classroom.
  • Regular Computer labs, and other practical activities.
  • Reasonable tuition and other fees
  • Merit Scholarship for the brighter student.
  • 100% Scholarship for the financially disadvantaged but meritorious students.
  • Participation in any of the cultural and Co-curricular activities is mandatory.

Academic Support:

  • Lecture sheets and Worksheets are available for all students from all classes.
  • Special lecture sheet for the PEC and JSC.
  • Worksheet for all classess.
  • Special Hand writing classes from class One to Three by special teachers.
  • Special CARE for the students of special need.
  • Maximum 25 students per class.